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How it works

You're ordering one of my special 'One Sentence Apps', that I'll be building for a select number of people for a limited time.

Here's the 3 easy steps to getting your big app idea built in 14 days:


1. Book a date to receive your app. 

2. In the app order form, provide a one sentence (only) description of the app you want built, and I will build you my best interpretation of your app idea, delivered in 14 days.

E.g. "A Beyonce app", "An app to keep my kid's chores organized", "A garage sale app for my neighborhood".

3. Receive your app by the app delivery date you booked.

What you'll receive

In 14 days you'll receive an app that:


• Will impress your community!

• Can be used immediately via mobile phone or desktop and connected to your own unique website url (similar to how you can use Airbnb, Instagram, Facebook and more by heading to their url).

• Can be customized with your branding.

• Can also be added to the iOS and Android app store by you (or me for an additional cost).

I look forward to making that app idea you've always been thinking about a reality within 14 days. No idea is too small!

- Jordana :)

*Restrictions: No financial apps (crypto, forex, banking, etc) or apps that require access to large or restricted data sets.

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